Get to know us closely

We are continuing our journey in the industry with the target of being one of leading companies by keeping the principles of high quality products, real pricing and customer satisfaction under Prosport Sport Products and Promotion LLC.roof which we established in 2010 after having a 16 years of experience in sport products supply industry.

Our collection is entirely domestic capitalized and domestic production since 2013 and we are presenting quality of our products with our power to gain the satisfaction of our customers under the brand of DAFRON to each domestic and international part of sport industry.

Designs of our collection are uniquely made by our designers and we also can produce custom designs which are requested by our customers.

As of 2017 our company has been increasingly increased its investments with the confidence to its industry and continues to its operations in a 1700 m2 detached settlement in Merter, heart of textile market of Istanbul. Welcoming department and showroom of our settlement is in the service of our customers with a 200 m2 space. It is designed by leading Turkish architects according to rapidly increasing needs and demands of industry.

One of our prior principle is continuously following the rapidly developing industrial raw material network, and using fabrics and accessories which are providing high level quality and ease of use in our production process. We prepared our 2017 collection and present to our customers in line with this principle.

Despite being a very young organization, we as DAFRON have been one of domestic industry leading company as a result of appreciations come from our quality. Besides this situation 22% of our production is export oriented so we are representing our country successfully in many countries.

We are targeting to increase our export oriented production to at least 50% of our total capacity with the confidence come from our new collection and textile industry leadership of our country in 2017.

“DAFRON” is continuing to lead its way with “do not compromise on quality” motto and selecting its partner workshops with precision by following continuously developing industrial technologies and taking care to apply in production stages with 44staff, 3000m2 partner production facility.

DAFRON completed its development in production of “Digital Printed” products simultanously with world wide famous brands of our industry and keeps its pioneering position in Turkey with especially 600 pieces per day jersey production. DAFRON can produce digital printed jerseys with custom patterns of custormers in addition to our wide range of pattern portfolio and also included digital printed products in its new collection.

DAFRON will continue structuring on its export oriented leap target by constructing its website and social media communications. And aiming to growing rapidly and memorize its name in international markets in a short term with its 22 young and experienced staff and “High Level Quality Real Pricing” principle.

We are proud to continue our operations with consciousness of development of our brand is directly proportional with protection of our dealer network which we created with domestic stakeholders by mutual trust and service quality.

Latin words “DAF” and “RON” stands for “POWER” and “WIN”.